Karma Baby Bundled Kit - 7-Piece Toddler Block Set + Organic Cleaner for Toys and Nursery, 16 FL OZ + SoftZone Baby Diaper Changer, Primary

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7-Piece Toddler Block Set: The 7-Piece Toddler Block Set is made up of seven bright and chunky blocks in 3 different shapes and sizes. Blocks stimulate children's creativity and stacking skills, as well as promote gross motor skill development. Soft, sturdy, polyurethane foam shapes are covered in reinforced, phthalate-free vinyl to create a comfy and stimulating learning environment. Organic Cleaner for Toys and Nursery: Any parent can keep a germ and chemical free play and living environment by using Organic Cleaner for Toys and Nursery, because the water-based ingredients thoroughly clean with an all natural formula. You've tried to keep a clean play and living environment for your child. There are many powerful chemical cleaners on the market, but you don't want to subject your child to toxins. Most organic cleaners are far too expensive for regular use. Having powerful toxins in your child's environment is not worth the risk. Your child deserves a germ and chemical free environment. You deserve the peace of mind that it brings. Karma Baby's affordable Organic Cleaner for Toys and Nursery can provide that peace of mind. Active Ingredients (all organic): 0.30% Sodium Lauryl Sulfate; 0.05 % Thyme Oil; 0.05% Peppermint Oil; 0.04% Rosemary Oil; 0.04% Lemongrass Oil. Inert Ingredients: Purified Water; Citric Acid; Potassium Sorbate. SoftZone Baby Diaper Changer: Perfect for use in daycares, at home, or in the office! Ultra-soft, molded cushion keeps baby comfortable and safe while changing diapers and clothes. Base is made of thick, furniture-quality foam. Soft, easy-to-clean PVC leather cover has built-in handle and zipper closure underneath for easy removal. The lightweight unit can be moved easily from room to room.

Bundled Kit Includes: Toddler Block Set, Organic Toy Cleaner and Baby Diaper Changer. 7-Piece Toddler Block Set. Made up of seven bright and chunky blocks. Large Block: 12" W x 12" D x 6" H. Medium Block: 12" W x 6" D x 6" H. Small Block: 6" W x 6" D x 6" H
Kills common household odor-causing germs and bacteria. Smells clean and fresh. Perfect for toys, cribs, diaper pails, changing tables, etc. Spray, wait for 10 minutes, wipe clean, breathe easy!
Does not contain alcohol, bleach, synthetic preservative, parabens, toxins, formaldehyde, optical brighteners, triclosan
Warranty: 2-Year (Limited). Age Level: 6 months - 2 years. Style Notes: Primary Colors. Colors may vary and are subject to change without notice
Materials: Vinyl, Foam. Assembly: No Assembly Required. Assembled Weight: 1.5 lbs. Assembled Dimensions: 28.25" x 17" x 5.25". Other Dimensions: 28"L x 18"W x 5.25"H
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